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Welcome to Shiva Massages, the best erotic massage centre in Barcelona. Inside you will find eight rooms inspired by oriental decorative elements. All of them perfectly designed with a large shower inside and aimed at providing a unique experience to all our customers.

Music, ambience, facilities, cleanliness, light... We have taken care of every detail to increase your comfort and provide a relaxed atmosphere.

When you walk through the door of our erotic massage centre you will enter a new dimension. A space where you are the absolute protagonist. An environment specifically designed to generate an experience of pleasure at the hands of our erotic masseuses.

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From 90€ - 45min / 100€ - 1h

At Shiva Massages we have the best erotic masseuses in Barcelona. Professionals specialised in erotic massages capable of providing sensations you have never experienced before. 

Our erotic massage center in Barcelona is available for you every day of the week. It is completely new facilities with the desire to have a space that really ensures comfort, proximity and quality of the experience.

It's about you and your well-being. About your experience with your masseuse. It's about Shiva Massages.

We inform you that Masajes Shiva does not offer sexual services.

Why choose our erotic massages in Barcelona?

The quality of our masseuses. The standard of our brand new facilities.

For the close and professional treatment that is valued and respected by our clients throughout our twelve years of history.

As a result, every year we are visited by clients of more than ten different nationalitieswhich has positioned Masajes Shiva as a reference erotic massage centre worldwide. In fact, most of those who visit us come from abroad, after learning about the previous experiences that other clients have had at our facilities.

Steps to enjoy erotic massages in Barcelona

  1. The first thing is choose the masseuse in charge of facilitating your tantric massage. You have two options: consult our erotic masseuses section on our website. Or come and meet them personally before making any decision. At Shiva Massages we act with total transparency, allowing the masseuses to express in first person what are the reasons that make their massages an experience from another world.
  2. After this step, it is time to choose the type of erotic massage that best suits your needs. Four-handed massages, with an erotic shower prior to the massage, of greater or lesser intensity, more or less suggestive, with maximum interactivity…
  3. The time has come to start on the road to new worlds and experiences. Make yourself comfortable in the warm, quality and maximum intimacy space that we have reserved for you and your masseuse on a large tatami.
  4. Accompanied by your masseuse the journey begins... Explore, experience, live... Disconnect, dream, fly... That is what you came here for. This is why we created Shiva Massages.

Information about erotic massages

Now that you know our center, it is important to go deeper into the concept of erotic massages. What exactly are they? What kind of experience am I going to live? What modalities are there? Where do these techniques come from and what are their advantages? It is time to know what is really a session of this type.

What are erotic massages?

Erotic massages are a set of techniques that allow activating sensations and perceptions that increase well-being. From the physical contact, it is possible to reach sensory states of high intensity, from the action exerted by erotic masseuses specialized in each of the techniques mainly recognized in this field.

What are these techniques?

There are different techniques that allow reaching new states of activation, relaxation and wellbeing through the action on key points of the anatomy. Some of the most common and recognized massages in this field are:

  • Nuru massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Yoni
  • Tantric massages
  • Body to body
  • Four hands massage

Within these modalities, variations can be added to help increase their positive effects. For example, some of them can be applied in the shower, with a body-to-body interaction with the masseuse that increases the effects of essential oils and the techniques themselves.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a type of Japanese erotic massage. It is characterised by the fact that it favours complete contact between the masseur and the person receiving the massage. The key to its application is the nuru gel. An element made with seaweed and with a high degree of viscosity.

These characteristics increase the sliding capacity of the body when it comes into contact with the rest of the anatomy of the person receiving the massage.

In erotic nuru massages, the masseuse will interact with all areas of her anatomy on the person receiving the massage, who will be naked. Gradually, the professional will activate different areas with the aim of stimulating the appearance of new perceptions and sensations unknown until then.

Lingam massage

Lingam is Sanskrit for penis. Lingam massage is one of the best known categories of tantric massage. It comes from India, and its first applications and techniques date back thousands of years. Tantrism, which is the philosophy from which this type of erotic massage originates, has existed for millennia, both in its Buddhist and Hindu aspects.

The application of this technique focuses on the lingam itself, on its neighbouring areas and on all areas of the anatomy that activate chakras which, at the same time, generate sensations in the lingam itself.

It is a very sophisticated modality. Slowly but steadily, it promotes a growing physical and spiritual connection between the people involved in the session.

Reaching emotional wellbeing from the activation of the physical, which is one of the philosopher's stones of this current.


This is a similar modality to the previous one. Although, in this case, it focuses on the woman and the areas of her anatomy that will be able to fulfil the same objectives described in the previous massage.

Tantric massages

Lingam is just one form of tantric massage. It is true that it is one of the most recognised in this field. However, a tantric massage can encompass many more areas that promote the emergence of these sensory perceptions and reactions. Those that allow us to channel our inner energy in the way we wish. This energy is called Kundalini.

Therefore, a tantric massage focuses on the whole body. It is assumed that the areas of activation are not always the same in each person. That is why in this type of erotic massage the masseuse performs a detailed and complete approach to each and every part of the anatomy of the person receiving the massage. In search of the chakras that help to reach those superior states of relaxation, satisfaction and emotional well-being.

Body to body

Erotic body-to-body massages are very similar to a nuru massage. However, the elements that allow full access to the anatomy of the person receiving the massage may be different from the nuru gel. For example, it may be essential oils.

It is important, however, that all participants are naked. The aim of the session is to increase the level of perceptions that arise from activating certain areas with caresses and actions that can be prevented from any part of the masseuses' anatomy.

Four-hand massages

The aim is to increase the level of activation through the physical action of two masseurs. They will interact in an interconnected and choral way on the anatomy of the person receiving the massage. With the aim of enhancing and increasing the incredibly relevant sensations that an erotic masseuse already generates.

Benefits and advantages of erotic massages

Erotic massages have a series of advantages and benefits that affect the state of the person receiving the session:

  • Self-awareness. We live at a time when society expects immediate results from its actions. We have no time for ourselves. Tantric philosophy proposes an emotional improvement from a better knowledge of the physical. In erotic massages, all the time in the world is dedicated to favour a complete physical exploration, guided by a professional. A session that will be revealing to get to know new aspects of our body that remained hidden, due to that lack of time and dedication that, in reality, is key to increase our wellbeing.
  • Relaxation. In line with the above, these are sessions in which we will disconnect from the hectic day-to-day life, the stress of work, etc.
  • Moisturising and skin care. In erotic massages, gels and oils are used which intensify their contribution thanks to the techniques used to apply them.
  • Improvement in personal relationships. Mainly for two reasons that several Shiva Massage clients have told us. Firstly, because of this better knowledge of ourselves, which allows us to be more confident when facing intimate situations. Secondly, erotic massages, and especially tantric massage, allow the person receiving the session to experience new sensations that flow from within and that can be channelled in many different ways. In this process, we go through different stages that allow a better management of this energy according to the needs of each moment. For this type of evolution, it is essential to have the guidance of a high quality and knowledgeable erotic masseuse.

Frequently asked questions

How long do erotic massages last?

It depends on a multitude of factors. The sensations perceived, the chakras, the physical and mental state of the person on the day of the session... At Shiva Massage we have two types of duration to adapt to the needs of each client. 45 minutes and one hour. Our professionals are perfectly trained to achieve the goals set with the client in these times.

Are there erotic massages for women?

Yes, women can also have access to all the advantages described above, with the participation of a masseuse or erotic masseuse, according to their needs. Yoni massage is just one of the expressions of this technique applied to women. But the rest of the methodologies can also flourish in their maximum expression in the female gender, with the same guarantees of well-being.

Can erotic massages be given to couples?

Yes, if you are a couple who wish to delve deeper into the field of erotic massages you can do so under the same conditions, with access to two professional masseuses who will act in accordance with the guidelines set out to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

Can I choose the erotic masseuse?

Of course. In the same way as in any massage centre, at Shiva Massages you can choose the professional that best suits your preferences.

What are the components of erotic massage oils?

These are natural elements that promote better hydration. In addition to generating a suggestive atmosphere impregnated with subtle yet intense aromas, to favour the flow of energies, stimuli and sensations.