Brahma Massage


45 min € 90

60 min € 100

Let yourself be seduced by erotism

Become familiar with erotic massage with a proposal that is as gentle as it is stimulating. In the Brahma massage, specific arousal and relaxation techniques are applied through sensual massage, making it the best option for all those not familiar with erotic massages. In this massage, the important thing is not the intensity, but rather the relaxation and overall wellbeing that is achieved thanks to eroticism. It is a non-interactive massage and there is no interaction with the massage therapist.

The most sensual relaxation

Our erotic massage therapists use suggestion and arousal to bring you to maximum pleasure and so that you achieve the best relaxation. Why is it called Brahma massage? In honour of the God Brahma, fundamental in Hindu mythology and creator of the universe and awakening. This massage allows the mind to discover a new form of pleasure which brings us to a state that hitherto was unknown to us: to an awakening that leads to experimentation with erotic massages .

If you want to try the arousing relaxation of erotic massage, the Brahma massage is the best option for starting. What are you waiting for? The longer you take to become familiar with the sensorial magic of erotic massages, the more opportunities for pleasure you will be missing out on. Opportunities that would take you on a journey to a paradise on earth at our massage centre.

A new way to relax

Release all your tensions and free your body from stress thanks to our massage therapists’ hands, and enter a world of pleasure. Thanks to erotic massages, you will relax your muscles and be in tune with your body. Each erotic massage is different and produces different sensations depending on which zones are worked on, but they all open and expand our sexual awareness, and also increase sensitivity in our erogenous zones.

Why choose the Brahma massage?

Our Brahma massage is a proposal that is as gentle as it is suggestive and is ideal for those looking for their first experience in erotic massage. We have designed a delicate, gentle session to offer you the best way to start in the world of erotic massages.

Price: €90 45 min and €100 1 hour

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