Brahma Massage

In the Brahma erotic receptor massage the client is the real protagonist. The center on which all the tantric massage techniques provided by one of our expert erotic masseuses will revolve. Below we explain what exactly is an erotic receiving massage, how it works and what are its main benefits.

What is an erotic receiving massage?

A receiving massage in the field of tantric massage is a relaxation technique applied by an erotic masseuse. It is based on placing the person receiving the massage at the center of all interactions.

The protagonist will lie on the tatami and receive a suggestive tantric session that includes action on all parts of the body. A session that takes whoever receives it to the maximum relaxation and disconnection. Through soft movements, caresses and suggestive slides, the masseuse manages to take the client to an almost transcendental state.

It is especially suitable for those who do not wish to intervene. They simply want to relax, be the center of attention and enjoy.

What is the difference between a receiving massage and an interactive massage?

The main difference is that in the interactive massage the person receiving the massage can interact with the masseuse. In these cases the body of the masseuse and the person receiving the massage come into contact in an active and mutual way. It increases the caresses, the interaction and enhances other elements that elevate the massage to a new level of interactivity.

The receiving massage is the version focused on generating a higher level of relaxation and connection. It is the best option for those who have never experienced a tantric massage before.

It is a perfect approach to the world of erotic massage. In a receiving massage we let ourselves be carried away by the erotic masseuse, who will be the one to take the initiative of each and every one of the movements that will go through the whole of your body.

The most experienced users recommend it as a perfect contact shot to later venture into interactive experiences. It will allow us to guess how far a second session could go with an interactive character, completely naked, with a shower?

Having a receptive experience allows us to prepare new encounters. Interpret the following movements, participate in harmony with the masseuse, raise the explosiveness and sensuality of a caress... It is an indispensable step if we want to start our experience in the field of tantric massages on the right foot.

Steps to access an erotic receiving massage

To access an erotic receiving massage you have to choose, first of all, the erotic masseuse of your choice. You can base your choice on our recommendations, or you can let yourself be guided by the feeling you get from our professionals. You can consult our team on our website.

Or book an appointment at Shiva Massages to personally know our facilities and decide in situ the one that best suits your needs.

Secondly, you will have access to one of our eight rooms. In Shiva Massage we have remodeled and expanded our facilities, which are equipped with everything you need to access a unique experience.

All of them have tatami, futon and a whole series of complements for the session. Oils, music, candles, light... everything is designed so that the erotic massage becomes an unforgettable session.

After removing your clothes, you have to lie down on the tatami and wait for everything to begin. Follow the instructions of the chosen erotic masseuse and... let yourself go...

Is a receptive session mandatory before an interactive one?

It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. People who are interested in delving deeper into the world of erotic massages should have a first receptive experience.

It is a door to relaxation and pleasure. A first contact with a new experience that will be both relaxing and enriching.

It allows us, first of all, to know more about the erotic masseuse. Her steps, her touch, her sensibility, your own sensibility... A whole experience of self-knowledge led by a professional in the field of tantric massages.

It is encouraging how many of the clients to whom we have previously recommended a receiving massage confirm the wisdom of the recommendation. They have been surprised by the new experiences and knowledge they have gained and their usefulness to enhance and improve the quality of subsequent sessions.

An advanced knowledge that they have taken advantage of in a future interaction with the masseuse. First of all because they had discovered new sensitive areas in their body. This was something that they were able to explore in subsequent sessions with much more effusiveness, given the interactive nature that was included later on.

We insist, therefore, that although it is not mandatory, previous experiences lead us to strongly recommend participation in a receiving massage to increase relaxation levels, the knowledge of our body as a whole, and access to a mystical experience through the application of ancient tantric techniques.