Our most sensual massages

From 90€ - 45min / 100€ - 1h

In this section you will find the sensual massages that we offer in our centre. A sensual massage is a set of techniques that aim to activate all areas of the body to achieve an energetic release from the deepest part of our inner self, starting from the physical.

This activation can be done with different methods offered by our erotic masseuses. Professionals with great experience in this field, capable of detecting the areas of greatest sensory activation. To affect them in a balanced, proportional and liberating way, from the point of view of tantrism.

Day to day life, work, stress... We live in an age where demands are always at a maximum. The human being needs a counterpoint.

Moments of tranquillity and relaxation. To release tensions that allow us to balance the spirit from a physical point of view. This is exactly what we achieve at Masajes Shiva, with a carefully selected menu of sensual massages and a wide variety of masseuses, capable of raising each session to maximum levels of sensitivity.

Recommendations for choosing a sensual massage

Below we review the steps for selecting a sensual massage. The aim of this small guide is to enhance all the benefits of a session of this type:

  1. Consult and get to know our erotic masseuses on our website.
  2. Select the type of sensual massage.
  3. Choose the day and time that suits you best.
  4. Try to select a date and time that allows you to come relaxed, unhurried and with enough time to enjoy your holistic experience.
  5. Call or contact us, by phone or on our contact page, to make your booking.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to undress easily.
  7. Trust in the experience of our professionals. They are masseuses specialised in ancient techniques that allow them to identify your most sensitive areas.
  8. Let yourself go. It is most likely that, from the beginning, the environment and the initial contact with the masseuse will serve to begin the process of relaxation. Continue on this path. Let it work on you. Let the power of a sensual massage drag you to physical and mental limits that you have not explored so far.

What is a sensual massage for?

A session of this type is aimed at total and absolute liberation from the deepest part of your inner self. Followed by an intense relaxation, after releasing all that energy that was in the deepest part of your being.

To achieve these high levels of satisfaction, our professionals apply a series of techniques that vary according to the type of sensual massage selected. Depending on them, our professionals will use different parts of their body to interact proportionally with yours.

There will be a delicate and sensitive approach to every corner of our body. By means of different and continuous approaches, the masseuse manages to identify those points that generate a special reaction in the person receiving the massage. Combining zones and techniques in such a way that they raise the level of the session to points that you cannot imagine.

All of the above results in a final explosion caused by the release of energy generated by a sensual massage properly applied.

Why have a sensual massage at Masajes Shiva?

You are in front of one of the most important sensual massage centres in Europe. With recently remodelled facilities designed to enhance each of the sessions according to the needs and preferences of the client.

A magnificent location and facilities are accompanied by a carefully selected menu of sensual massages in which a whole series of factors are involved that manage, once again, to respond to all the preferences and personal tastes of each one of us.

The erotic masseuses of Masajes Shiva are the other great element that generates that year after year we are visited by clients from the five continents, with high standards of satisfaction. On this website you can see all our specialists. In addition to knowing what are their most outstanding skills in the field of tantrism.