Vishnu Massage

The erotic massage with Vishnu interaction is a session designed for those who have some experience in the field of tantric massage. Its main value proposition is the possibility of interaction between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage.

This leap in quality takes the human being into a new accumulation of sensations and perceptions. It raises to a new level of self-knowledge that is shared in the form of interaction with the masseuse, to take the experience to the highest level.

What does this erotic massage with masseuse interaction consist of?

The person who is going to receive the massage must be placed unclothed in the central area of the tatami. We remind you that all our rooms are equipped with every luxury and comfort.

Among them, our tatamis stand out. Comfortable and spacious areas that allow our erotic masseuses to develop their full potential, and initiate a skin-to-skin contact with the person receiving the massage.

A contact that begins with your hands, which will slide all over your body in search of a first approach to your hypersensuality points. Throughout the session, the experience will break the furthest horizons, inviting both bodies to participate in the dance of sensations that you are about to experience.

This is the beginning of an exchange led by our tantric professionals, where different areas of the body will be involved, with the aim of encouraging the emergence of new sensations and experiences that bring us closer to tantric ecstasy. Body areas of the masseuse and client, which will remain interconnected in search of a new sensory space that will allow you to go beyond unsuspected and pleasurable limits together.

Can I choose a masseuse for this type of massage?

Yes, if you have already had contact with one of our masseuses and the session was satisfactory, you can choose the professional of your choice again. Many of our clients choose this alternative, given the special condition of this type of tantric massage.

These are experiences where a deep knowledge of our body and the skills of the masseuse will intensify the experience. If you have already participated in an erotic receiving massage or a massage with interaction, it is likely that you will want to repeat the experience with another masseuse, in order to amplify all the sensations experienced in previous sessions.

How long does an erotic massage with Vishnu interaction last?

At Shiva Massages we have worked on two types of massages with two different durations. The first one lasts 45 minutes. In the second one the session will last up to 60 minutes.

What do I have to do to book an erotic massage with interaction?

You can contact us by calling us on +34 934 880 869 or write to us by Whatsapp or Telegram (+34 683 176 282).

You just have to check with us the availability of the chosen day, as well as your erotic masseuse of reference, in case you are sure which specialist will perform the session with you.

Choose between 45 or 60 minutes and we can't tell you the rest. You have to find out for yourself.