Shiva erotic Massage

16 March 2023

The most erogenous areas of the body

The importance of the erogenous zones in a tantric massage: do you know what they are and how to discover them?
3 March 2023

Premium erotic massages. The highest of tantrism

Premium erotic massages. A unique experience towards the highest of tantrism. What types are there? How do they lead to ecstasy?
17 February 2023

Meaning of tantric. Types of massages and effects

Get into tantrism. Get to know the meaning of tantric and all that it entails. Tantra woman, tantric embrace...
27 January 2023

Skin-to-skin massages. Discover the indescribable

All about skin on skin massages. Discover the techniques of this tantric massage par excellence.
24 January 2023

Erotic massage oils. Which is the best?

Discover the beneficial properties of the most recommended oils for erotic massages. The necessary complement for a perfect massage.
10 January 2023

Japanese massage tatami: why is it the ideal surface?

Why is the Japanese tatami the perfect surface for an erotic massage? The reasons that facilitate total interaction.
3 January 2023

The 6 best erotic gifts for the next Three Kings

Original ideas for an unforgettable erotic gift. You are just one step away from surprising, at last, with these unique gift ideas.
16 December 2022

Four hands massage. A complete experience

Discover everything you need to know about our most complete experience. Experience the highest pleasure with this therapeutic massage...
9 December 2022

Nuru Kamasutra massage

Discover the Nuru Kamasutra massage: a combination of unique methods that will make the experience a journey for the senses.
18 November 2022

Enjoy a sensory experience after IBTM World

Enjoy a sensory experience after IBTM World Are you going to attend IBTM World, the leading trade fair for the business, congress, […]
18 November 2022

Erotic massage against erectile dysfunction

Maintaining good health is essential for us to enjoy sexual encounters, discover everything that an erotic massage can bring you...
4 November 2022

The Vishnu massage

We have drunk from the Asian legacy to bring to Barcelona an erotic experience without equal, discover it for yourself.