Shiva erotic Massage

1 April 2022

Lingam massages, the massage that will make you explore pleasure through the sexual chakra

One of the erotic massages in Barcelona par excellence is the Lingam massage, with which you want to stimulate...
23 March 2022

How does an erotic massage influence your mood?

Erotic and tantric massages are becoming more and more in demand in Europe, the secret of this ancient art lies in the fusion...
15 March 2022

Our Vishnu massage guide

The Vishnu massage is the meeting point where relaxation and excitement are combined to reach a higher state of pleasure...
11 March 2022

What hormones do we release in ejaculation?

Sexual intercourse strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, burns calories and even helps you fall asleep much better.
10 March 2022

BWW, Barcelona Wine Week (April 4th to 6th)

For wine lovers and professionals in this industry, on April 4th, 5th and 6tha great wine event and one of the most important in Europe will take place in Barcelona, the BWW, Barcelona Wine Week.
9 March 2022

Latest trends in erotic massage

Until the 1980s, the massage applied in Europe was classical, what we know today as chiromassage, but then everything would begin to change thanks to the arrival of Eastern currents.
21 February 2022

Male erogenous zones

Knowing the erogenous zones greatly improves our sexual health. Each person experiences different levels of pleasure according to the erogenous zone, the same is not true for everyone.
17 February 2022

Chakras and sexual energy

There are approximately seven chakra points in our body, each corresponding to a point where we receive, assimilate and manifest energy.
15 February 2022

G point

Gräfenberg's point, better known as the G-spot for women, is a small area of ​​the female genital area located between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix.
11 February 2022

Lingam tantric massage

The Lingam massage is based on Hindu tantra techniques for relaxation and stimulation of the erogenous zones.
8 February 2022

Erotic massage as a treatment for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a dysfunction that implies the inability, repeated over time, to achieve or maintain penile erection.
4 February 2022

The best erotic massage in the ears

The ears are one of the most erogenous areas of the body that have a reflex response in other parts of the body, including the nipples and genitals.