Supreme Massage

Is it possible to achieve absolute ecstasy in a single tantric session? The masseuses of Shiva Massage have a resoundingly affirmative answer to the question. For they live daily with total liberation and access to the greatest sensations of pleasure that they are capable of providing. The interactive nude massage with Supreme shower is one of the most reliable ways to reach that state of absolute ecstasy.

What is an interactive nude massage with Supreme shower?

To know in depth this type of sessions it is necessary to unravel the meaning of each of the terms:

  • Nude. It refers to bodily liberation. A liberation that would be unattainable if we cover our body with clothes. A nude session proposes total and absolute nudity, both for the person receiving the massage and the masseuse. To access the maximum expression of a tantric session it is necessary that we show ourselves as we are. We must allow the other person to know us in depth. To get close, to feel ourselves, to approach each other... with warmth, sensuality and without fear of reaching ecstasy. And we can only do this if we free ourselves from the tensions and stereotypes imposed on us, both mentally and physically. Hence the importance of both of you being completely naked.
  • Interactive. Self-knowledge and exploration is one of the keys to achieving the longed-for release of all our energy outwards. But to know our body it is necessary to let ourselves go. Tantric leaders are able to reach every corner of your body will help you to discover new states of well-being that you did not know. A well-being that is enhanced in the complete interaction with a masseuse, who will facilitate with her techniques the union of both figures in a single body.
  • Shower. In the previous concepts, lubricating gels and essential oils play a fundamental role in the generation of new sensations. This is amplified to indescribable levels when we add water, soap and an uninhibited and very close environment that allows us to reach maximum ecstasy at the hand of our erotic masseuse. An interaction that is born from the purity of water, as an element capable of cleansing impurities and generating the longed-for energetic renewal from the deepest part of our being.

In short, we find ourselves in a session where the erotic masseuse of our choice will guide us into a world as unknown as it is inspiring. A journey that begins in her hands, impregnated with essential and natural oils that will gently glide over all areas of your naked body.

It will continue with a total and close interaction as a form of intercorporal exploration between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage. And that will be extended as far as you want to go through an interactive shower session.

A journey with the ending that you expect, desire and will reach.

What level of tantrism is a nude interactive shower supreme massage suitable for?

If you have never had an erotic massage we recommend you start with sessions that only include some of the features described in this massage. Our tantric masseuses have a consolidated experience and knowledge. And they are fully qualified to generate the different levels of pleasure and sensoriality adapted to each client.

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that you interact with a tantric masseuse in nude massages, for example. This is key for our masseuse to recognise your body in depth and learn each and every one of the nooks and crannies that make up your being. An approach that will raise the quality of more complete sessions, as may be the case of the interactive nude massage shower supreme.

Do I have to repeat erotic masseuse for this modality?

No you don't. t Shiva Massages we offer two options. Either you choose the specialist with whom you want to have the session. Or we can choose for you according to your preferences and experience.

From here you can choose the tantric masseuse again for future massages. Or you can repeat with the one with whom you have had the most satisfactory experience. In any case, we do insist on the importance of having had previous contact to raise the quality of the session to its maximum expression.

Is there any order in the development of the session?

Everything is in the hands of the tantric masseuse and your energies. This is the basis of absolute liberation. Bodies and energies flow in our private rooms. And on the way to total liberation anything can happen. At any time. In any order.