Erotic massages in Shiva Massages
where you will live a unique experience

Pleasure is not a sin...


Shiva Massages. Erotic massage centre in Barcelona

Welcome to Shiva Massages, the best erotic massage centre in Barcelona. Inside you will find eight rooms inspired by oriental decorative elements. All of them perfectly designed with a large shower inside and aimed at providing a unique experience to all our customers.


Music, ambience, facilities, cleanliness, light... We have taken care of every detail to increase your comfort and provide a relaxed atmosphere.


When you walk through the door of our erotic massage centre you will enter a new dimension. A space where you are the absolute protagonist. An environment specifically designed to generate an experience of pleasure at the hands of our erotic masseuses.

At Masajes Shiva we have the best erotic masseuses in Barcelona. Professionals specialised in erotic massages capable of providing sensations you have never experienced before. Click below to meet the people in charge of elevating your experience to new heights.

We have an extensive variety of techniques that give rise to first class erotic massages. Our masseuses will go as far as you need with the aim of providing the experience that you are really waiting to live. Let yourself go, elevate your senses and access to an endless number of treatments that will not leave you indifferent.

The facilities of Shiva Massages

Our erotic massage centre in Barcelona is available for you every day of the week. These are brand new facilities with the aim of having a space that really ensures comfort, proximity and quality of the experience.

They are located next to Paseo de Gracia and 5 minutes from Plaza de Cataluña. Our doors open daily to provide exclusive access to our more than 220 m2 designed to create an atmosphere that favours disconnection.

After our reception area, you will move on to one of our 8 exclusive private rooms, equipped with every luxury detail. Tatami, large shower that you can share with your masseuse, towels, oils, candles,... Everything you and your masseuse need will be at your disposal without the need to leave the most intimate and select environment created exclusively to provide comfort and satisfaction.

Unique facilities designed for your delight. Tatami and large 150x200 cm futon in all rooms, to achieve a synergy with your masseuse to reach new sensory worlds never experienced before. Large shower area in the room itself (120x90), which you and your masseuse can use to shower together, if you select this option from our tantric massage proposal.

It's about you and your well-being. About your experience with your masseuse. It's about Shiva Massages.


We inform you that Masajes Shiva does not offer sexual services.

Why choose our erotic massages in Barcelona?

The quality of our masseuses. The standard of our brand new facilities.

For the close and professional treatment that is valued and respected by our clients throughout our twelve years of history.

As a result, every year we are visited by clients of more than ten different nationalitieswhich has positioned Masajes Shiva as a reference erotic massage centre worldwide. In fact, most of those who visit us come from abroad, after learning about the previous experiences that other clients have had at our facilities.


Steps to enjoy erotic massages in Barcelona

  1. The first thing is choose the masseuse in charge of facilitating your tantric massage. You have two options: consult our erotic masseuses section on our website. Or come and meet them personally before making any decision. At Shiva Massages we act with total transparency, allowing the masseuses to express in first person what are the reasons that make their massages an experience from another world.
  2. After this step, it is time to choose the type of erotic massage that best suits your needs. Four-handed massages, with an erotic shower prior to the massage, of greater or lesser intensity, more or less suggestive, with maximum interactivity…
  3. The time has come to start on the road to new worlds and experiences. Make yourself comfortable in the warm, quality and maximum intimacy space that we have reserved for you and your masseuse on a large tatami.
  4. Accompanied by your masseuse the journey begins... Explore, experience, live... Disconnect, dream, fly... That is what you came here for. This is why we created Shiva Massages.


A sensory journey at Shiva Massages

Shiva is the Hindu God who is part of the Holy Trinity. The choice of the name‘Shiva Massages’ for our erotic massage centre in Barcelona is not accidental.

Hindu philosophy seeks the deep knowledge of the Self that brings us a liberation from all captivity. On many occasions, work and society make us feel constrained and lacking in freedom in our day to day lives.

At Shiva Massages we make you forget your worries from the very first moment you enter into an adventure of relaxation and pleasure.

In this search, Hindu philosophy proposes ascetic habits where we free ourselves from the mundane and give priority to our body, as a formula to achieve spiritual perfection.