Shiva Deluxe Massage

An interactive erotic massage to open up new experiences.

The Shiva Deluxe massage is an interactive erotic massage. This means that the person receiving the massage can, in addition, interact with the masseuse while she applies the different tantric techniques. It is a step further in the world of massage, broadening the spectrum of sensations through the sense of touch.

While in a sensitive massage the masseuse guides 100% of the session, the Shiva Deluxe massage adds the possibility for the person receiving the massage to participate in the session of their own accord.

The importance of touch in an erotic massage

Interactive massages bring a new level of knowledge and exploration into the field of tantrism. In sensory sessions, high levels of elevation and relaxation are achieved, which allow for previously unknown states of well-being. When a person has had sensitive interactions, he or she can move to this next level. Touch has so far been forbidden. But in this type of interactive massage it is possible to seek and find new sensations that go beyond the moment provided by the masseuse.

New games appear in relation to the contact with the masseuse. And a new and profound knowledge of what sensations the touch will produce in us from the physical contact with an erotic masseuse from our own initiative.