Erotic massage with four hands

The erotic massage with four hands is one of the ultimate tantric experiences.

This ancient technique makes us forget about the earthly. All our tensions emerge, from a deep knowledge of our body. In order to then be able to slide our being into a new physical and mental state that will come after an intense liberation that starts from the deepest part of our inner self.

This maximum degree of liberation can be achieved with a multitude of techniques. But, undoubtedly, the erotic massage with four hands will bring us closer to that so desired physical and mental state. To the point that it is difficult to describe in words an experience of such magnitude.

The four arms of Shiva

God Shiva has four arms. They represent the four cardinal points, in a kind of demonstration of his omnipresence from the whole. This symbolism is perfectly represented in the four-handed erotic massage.

The experience that we provide at Shiva Massage will go from north to south and from left to right all parts of the anatomy, in perfect harmony. It will not seem as if you have two erotic masseuses at your disposal. On the contrary, they will seem to act in a dance of tuning, as a whole.

What exactly does a four-hand massage consist of?

Our tantric masseuses have extensive experience in performing this type of technique which, in reality, does not multiply the pleasure by two. It is something much greater. The levels of pleasure, disconnection and sensitivity extend to infinity.

The interaction in this type of massage is total. Both masseuses will use their own bodies and the depth of their sensory endings to slowly and thoroughly deepen each and every area of your body.

The person receiving the massage will receive instructions on how to position themselves comfortably on the tatami, specially designed for this type of experience. Our recently refurbished rooms are equipped with this element, which will form part of the initial phase of the massage.

An experience that allows total interaction with the masseuses, with the aim of reaching the necessary levels of depth and mutual knowledge on a corporal level, to elevate the experience to the highest levels of spirituality and sensitivity.

Can I choose the masseuses who will participate in the session?

Of course you can. You can consult our erotic masseuses on the web. Or get to know their proposal in our own facilities, recently renovated to provide everything you need for a unique experience.

Do I have to tell you that I want a four hands erotic massage?

It is advisable, although it is not essential. If you are sure that you want to go into this type of experience, it is interesting that you let us know in advance. It is important to encourage the previous connection of our erotic masseuses, in order to feed the necessary cognitive levels to provide a unique experience.

In any case, our tantric experts have extensive knowledge in the application of this type of techniques. So if you decide at the last moment there is no problem.

Do I have to have previous tantric experience?

Yes, we recommend it. A four hands erotic massage is a technique with very intimate and special connotations. The deep knowledge of our being is what opens the door to the authentic disconnection and liberation of all our stimuli.

In order to favour a maximum correlation of the factors that allow the total connection between the masseuses and the person receiving the massage, it is advisable to have previously had a tantric massage that opens the doors to these areas of unknown pleasure, maximum sensitivity and sublime sensations.