Learn to do an erotic massage

Barcelona erotic massage course

If one of your sexual fantasies is knowing how to caress a woman’s naked body, sprinkling her entire body with special aromatic oils and knowing what the most erogenous zones are and how to touch them so that your partner reaches the most absolute climax, Masajes Shiva has the best erotic massage therapists in Barcelona so that you can enjoy an intense erotic massage course.

The erotic massage therapist will guide your hands to teach you the art of erotic and tantric massage, discovering what you can make a woman feel and improving your sex life in all respects. The benefits of learning this art are multiple, in addition to the course being a very pleasurable and erotic activity.

The erotic massage course lasts 2 hours and is given in a fully prepared and decorated suite at our Masajes Shiva centre in the heart of Barcelona. The cost is €350 per session, and you can take one or several courses in order to become an erotic massage instructor and obtain the security and experience offered by this type of sexual technique.

Book an erotic massage course

You can call us at telephone +34 934 880 869 to book an appointment in advance. To take the course, you can come with your partner or select one of our beautiful massage therapists to do the course and practice all the erotic massage techniques. We look forward to seeing you!