“Special Women’s” Massage

Welcome to true relaxation.

Enjoy a ritual of tranquility and put yourself in the hands of our female massage therapists or one of our male massage therapists. Gift yourself the experience that you deserve and choose any of our exquisite massages.

Erotic massages for women

Our erotic massages for women awaken your senses, transporting you to a world where the sensations are much more intense. Get ready to discover how relaxation becomes sensuality, then pleasure and later great sexual satisfaction.

Achieve true ecstasy thanks to our arousal techniques and indulge yourself with the hands of our massage therapists, who will take great care with the delicacy of your skin and stimulate your most erogenous zones.

Choose your massage therapist

At Shiva we have both female and male erotic massage therapists . Choice has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Feel how the vigour and delicate strength of male hands explore your body to offer you maximum arousal or let yourself be indulged by soft female hands that are incredibly skilled at handling the female body. But, above all, get ready for a massage that is far from taboos and reach climax with the most daring massage.

What is an erotic massage for women?

Your body is different from a man’s body. Your erogenous zones are ardent sources of arousal, but only if stimulated using the right techniques. With a good erotic massage, you will be able to release the tension from your body’s most charged zones. In the erotic massage for women there are different tantric techniques that make this experience unforgettable. Caresses on your breasts that gently unfold with circular movements come together thanks to the arousal of the areolas with light pressure from finger pads. A timid warm-up compared with the arousal that will bring you, little by little, to the most erogenous zones, switching on all your senses and making your fantasies a reality.

Why choose an erotic massage for women?

Women come to Masajes Shiva more and more to get an erotic massage. Enjoy the sexual liberation and the breaking of the chains. Enter a world in which a woman can experiment with her sensuality by seeking to expand her senses, breaking the monotony and routine, and discovering herself.
With our erotic massages you will be able to explore new sensations and free your mind. You will get to know your wonderful female body, gaining security and accepting your sexual fantasies through relaxation and arousal.