Erotic massage for couples

Break the monotony and unleash your fantasies

Enjoy a couple’s massage where you can interact with the massage therapist or therapists. This interaction is sensual, personalised and will come about in a very natural way. The massage combines stimulation all over your and your partner’s body by applying relaxing, sensitive, body-to-body and erotic massage techniques, which will guide you to a true explosion of pleasure and relaxation, and guarantee you both total ecstasy.

Enjoy eroticism as a couple

With this massage you will discover a new way to enjoy sensuality with your partner.
Everything is prepared for you to enjoy a sensual experience with your massage therapist. The erotic massage transforms, moving from a manual, gentle and sensitive stimulation to an interaction that stems from the intimacy of the scene. Introducing a new person is not only a way to unleash your fantasies, but will also enable you to discover new facets of your relationship.

Experiencing an erotic massage with a very involved massage therapist strengthens the bond between two people. You will discover new ways to arouse each other and will get to know your partner’s body better, along with their most secret desires. Understanding how you react to your massage therapist’s stimulation means you can exploit new ways of giving pleasure in your intimate life. You will break many of the taboos that have taken root in your relationship to emerge as two lovers ready to seduce each other in even more exquisite ways! This is the type of massage in which the skin, hands, chest or groins take on a surprising leading role, enabling you to explore new forms of pleasure and relaxation.

A special moment, together

You will learn to become familiar with your bodies, to stimulate the most important points, all guided by the expert hand of our massage therapist or therapists. Masajes Shiva offers you a world of sensations to be discovered alongside your partner, in a magical moment of closeness and intimacy.

If you choose the interactive couple’s massage with two of our massage therapists, you can choose two female massage therapists or one female and one male massage therapist.

Why choose a couple’s massage?

Your erotic massage therapist will stimulate your bodies using relaxing massage techniques, do a body-to-body massage, bring you to ecstasy and help you discover new facets of your couple sexuality. A renewing experience for the body, mind and also for your relationship. You will strengthen your trust through eroticism and relaxation. Your intimacy, sublimated.

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