Shiva erotic Massage

22 January 2021

The best orgasm

The word orgasm, linguistically speaking, comes from the Greek and means passion or desire.
11 January 2021

Top 5 techniques for an erotic massage

An erotic massage is an incredibly extraordinary experience. Most people are unaware of all the benefits of an erotic massage...
23 December 2020

The importance of the perfect light for an erotic massage

Light is one of the most important aspects of an erotic massage, as it affects the brain during the massage session.
10 December 2020

Say goodbye to 2020 in style

The season of festivals, large meals and gifts is approaching. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is an erotic massage.
17 November 2020

Tips to improve sexual performance

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that can help you fix performance problems in bed. There are many factors that influence better or worse sexual performance.
10 November 2020

Breaking down prejudices: why you need an erotic massage

Nowadays it is very common to hear that one of the main reasons for feeling tense and discouraged is stress. The monotony and worries of day to day are the protagonists of our daily life.
20 October 2020

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a type of massage that stimulates the prostate gland for medicinal or sexual purposes.
15 October 2020

The tantra chair

The tantra armchair is a very suggestive piece of furniture that is capable of awakening eroticism and sensuality in anyone who uses it.
30 September 2020

Foot reflexology What is it?

Foot reflexology is a therapy that focuses on massaging certain points and areas of the feet to relieve certain blocks and tensions that do not allow the body to function properly.
8 September 2020

Erotic massage and music: the perfect match

Erotic massage not only consists of stimulating the body through the touch of the masseurs' hands and body, but there are other fundamental elements that make an erotic massage a unique experience.
31 August 2020

Top 5 foods that improve libido

Throughout Hollywood history, romantic dinners have been shown as a prelude to a night of passion where the protagonists delight in oysters or chocolate strawberries for their aphrodisiac effects.
17 August 2020

Skin care in erotic massage

In order to enjoy the long-term benefits of a massage, it is necessary to fulfill a series of conditions...