Sensitive massages at Shiva Massages

The most complete sensory massage. Fully interactive and with the masseuse of your choice naked. Sensations that will be triggered by interacting also in the shower.

Four-handed sensory massages mean going one step further. Entering a completely unknown experiential zone of the highest intensity.

The word sensitive refers to the ability of human beings to feel sensations through the senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell). The senses receive a stimulus that is sent to the brain, generating sensations according to what is perceived. In the sensory massages of Shiva Massage our specialists intervene by activating the five senses, in search of a tantric experience of the highest level.

How the senses are stimulated in a sensory massage

The environment and the presence of our erotic masseuses are the main stimuli to activate the sense of sight. Always from an elegant, suggestive and sophisticated perspective, our facilities and our masseuses are responsible for providing a whole series of sensations through sight, without even having started the massage.

The level of lighting in our exclusive private rooms will be modified according to what you find most suggestive. Some people prefer a dimmer light, which allows the imagination to run wild by activating other senses. Others prefer to activate this part of the sensory massage to a greater extent, with the intention of stimulating a whole series of sensations based on what they see.

Everything is left to the choice of the person receiving the massage. To give an example, in the body-to-body modality you can choose more light to perceive the techniques used by our professionals at their maximum expression. Or you can let yourself be seduced by a light shadow that will reveal the outline of the masseuse during the subtle interactions of her naked body with yours.