Erotic massage in Barcelona

If you are looking for a way to experience your sexuality through relaxation, in a calm and sensual environment, you have to come to Shiva Massages. We are an erotic massage center in Barcelona specially designed to induce you to a state of well-being and deep satisfaction through the practice of erotic massage. This technique, derived from oriental art, will lead you to develop a greater sensitive capacity thanks to the skill of our erotic masseuses, specialized in stimulating each of the corners of your body to lead you to experience prolonged moments of intense pleasure. We have up to 8 different rooms where you will live magical and unique experiences with the professional masseuse of your choice.

What does the practice of erotic massage in Barcelona consist of?

There are different types of erotic massage depending on the intention, the technique, the purpose, and even the attitude. Despite this, they all have a series of common and highly important characteristics:

  • Relaxed and deep breathing.
  • The circular movement of sexual energy.
  • Mindfulness in the present moment.

We can define erotic massage as a set of techniques based on the ancient teachings of oriental sexual art with the intention of producing a wide range of pleasurable sensations on the receiver through relaxation. In general, these types of practices are usually characterized by their smooth and slow rhythm, which induces users to fully develop their full orgasmic potential. To do this, our erotic masseuses use various oils and creams, unleashing their skills with their hands and body-to-body contact. All this without using penetration as a resource.

Who can enjoy an erotic massage at Shiva Massage?

At Shiva Massages we are open to both men and women or couples who want to explore their sexual potential and spend a relaxed and pleasant time with our professional erotic masseuses. We speak in feminine because the vast majority of our erotic masseuses are women, but we also have male masseuses, in addition to the possibility of enjoying a four-handed massage combining a boy and a girl. You just have to ask.

You can visit our website to discover the different options that we offer in our catalog and learn more details about each of the specialties of our erotic masseuses that will transport you to a state of absolute relaxation and pleasure. If you need to contact us for more information or have any questions, you can call our erotic massage center in Barcelona on +34 934 674 195, send a Whatsapp to +34 620 486 098 or visit us. You will find us at Carrer Diputació, number 279, 2nd floor. We are waiting for you!