Shiva erotic Massage

11 February 2022

Lingam tantric massage

The Lingam massage is based on Hindu tantra techniques for relaxation and stimulation of the erogenous zones.
8 February 2022

Erotic massage as a treatment for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a dysfunction that implies the inability, repeated over time, to achieve or maintain penile erection.
4 February 2022

The best erotic massage in the ears

The ears are one of the most erogenous areas of the body that have a reflex response in other parts of the body, including the nipples and genitals.
1 February 2022

Give Sensations of Pleasure

Pleasure is a pleasant and positive feeling, ranging from well-being, the satisfaction of a basic need, to euphoric sensations.
14 January 2022

Sexual fetishes: What are they and which are the most frequent?

Sexual fetishes can be of great help to stimulate and fully enjoy our sexuality. Also, did you know that these can reveal many traits of our deepest personality?
11 November 2021

Benefits of a body to body massage

Have you ever wondered all the benefits that an erotic massage can offer you? These experiences are not only adept at releasing sexual pressure, they can also improve your physical health and help enrich your mental and spiritual fullness...
28 April 2021

The perfect guide to stimulate the Yoni

Female sexuality has always been a taboo subject in our society. Sometimes, the ignorance of the female erogenous zones and their complexity have been able to become a hindrance in the sexual lives of thousands of couples.
26 February 2021

Qualities of the best erotic masseuse

Becoming an erotic masseuse is not an easy task. In addition to carrying an extensive journey on their backs, they must also possess some innate personal abilities.
22 January 2021

The best orgasm

The word orgasm, linguistically speaking, comes from the Greek and means passion or desire.
11 January 2021

Top 5 techniques for an erotic massage

An erotic massage is an incredibly extraordinary experience. Most people are unaware of all the benefits of an erotic massage...
23 December 2020

The importance of the perfect light for an erotic massage

Light is one of the most important aspects of an erotic massage, as it affects the brain during the massage session.
10 December 2020

Say goodbye to 2020 in style

The season of festivals, large meals and gifts is approaching. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is an erotic massage.